Location:  Misterton, United Kingdom

Application:  Salt Barn
Building Size:  120′ wide x 500′ long
“The facility was completed to replace an aging storage barn and to provide a more central facility for the fleet of gritting lorries serving the district.”
Structures Unlimited Salt Storage Solutions

“We ensured our barns were stocked last year so we didn’t run out, and we will be doing the same this year. During the winter, we’ll continue to monitor our stocks on a daily basis and re-order as necessary.

“The investment in the new barn, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that the road network is kept up and running during icy weather.”

From 2008-2010, most of the UK was been brought to a standstill during periods of the winter months when severe snow brought deadlock to the roads.

The 2008 snowstorms were the worst to hit the county since 1991 where it used 16,423 tons on 17 gritting runs – 60 per cent more salt than usual.