Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions we’ve received over the years have been specific to our buildings and how they can apply to your site, or how they can benefit your business. If you’ve been questioning some of these same points, the information below will help. If however, you have a question that has not been answered here, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

Are your fabric buildings permanent or temporary shelters?

Our buildings are extremely durable. They can be either permanent or temporary based on your needs and foundation types.

What sizes are available?

We specialize in 18’ to 300′ wide but our buildings can be sized and shaped to meet your specific requirements.

Are your buildings weatherproof?

Yes, they are made of weatherproof, heavy-duty reinforced fabric. They can withstand wind and snow loads for almost any conditions.

Can I alter the size of a building if my needs change?

Yes, our buildings can be easily re-located or added onto at any time

Can your buildings have ventilation, air-conditioning and heat?

Yes, fabric buildings can be insulated anytime which means they can have ventilation, filtration, air-conditioning, and heat.

Can fabric buildings be wired for electricity?

Yes, our buildings are completely customizable to include electrical requirements.

Are your buildings similar to tents?

No. Our buildings consist of a much stronger, clear-span frame of galvanized steel arches covered with a skin of weatherproof, heavy-duty reinforced fabric.

How long has Structures Unlimited, LLC been in business?

We’ve been in business since 1997, providing fabric buildings along with the installation of them to customers all over the world. Our office is located inside of a fabric building. Stop by and check it out!

Are shelters dark inside?

 No…just the opposite.  They let in natural light, giving a pleasant, sunny-day feeling.  Although additional lighting can be installed at any time.

How do I repair a hole in the fabric?

We offer fabric repair tape with an adhesive side that can be bonded to the desired area.

How are the acoustics in a Structures Unlimited building?

Our fabric’s sound dampening quality provides an exceptional level of quietness.

Is Structures Unlimited, LLC a publicly traded company?

No, we’re a family-owned business which is reflected in our wholehearted commitment to our customers.