Why Choose Structures Unlimited?

Unlimited Applications, Personal Service, Knowledgeable Staff, Start-to-Finish Project Management, Experience Across Multiple Industries are just few of reason why you next building should come from Structures Unlimited, LLC.

Our Buildings Have 1,000s of Uses…
Dairy & Cattle Housing • Livestock Production • Equipment Storage • Hay & Grain Storage • Composting Facility • Riding Arenas & Stables • Vehicle Maintenance • Temporary Housing • Garages • Aircraft Hangers • Warehousing • Industrial • Multi-Sporting • Gymnasiums • Hockey Rinks • Pool Enclosures • Boat & Camper Storage • Sand & Salt Storage
…Just to Name a Few!

*Plus we service and repair ALL fabric buildings

Cost Savings Analysis

Light Fixture Installation Cost 120′ x 140′ Steel Building 120′ x 140′ Structures Unlimited Building
Number of 400W
Fixtures Required
40 15
Cost per Fixture Including Installation (Labor) $350.00 $350.00
Start-up Cost
$14,000.00 $5,250.00
 Structures Unlimited Savings                       $8,250.00
 Energy Cost Comparison, (including bulb, ballast and maintenance cost)
 Note:  Savings will increase when using building at night as less fixtures are  required
 Kilowatt hours per year for 400W fixtures 33,280 2,280
Number of 400W fixtures 40 15 
Cost per kilowatt hour 20 year average (projected) 0.20 0.20
Total energy cost per year $6,656.00 $456.00
Energy costs for 20 years $133,120.00 $9,120.00
Bulb & ballast replacement costs for 20 years
Note: Costs will be greater with nighttime use.
$15,000.00 $0.00
20 year energy, installation and maintenance costs $148,120.00 $9,120.00

10 year Structures Unlimited Savings – $69,500.00
20 year Structures Unlimited Savings – $139,000.00
30 year Structures Unlimited Savings – $208,500.00

Traditional Metal & Wood Buildings vs Structures Unlimited Buildings

 Traditional Metal & Wood Buildings Structures Unlimited Buildings
Generally $10.00 to $50.00 per sq ft Low Cost per Square Foot
Permanent structures mean higher property taxes Little to No Property Taxes
Concrete footings & foundations can more that double building costs Can be built directly on ground, cutting cost of concrete footings & foundations
High construction costs – can take several months to build Low Construction Costs – can easily build up to 5,000 sq ft per day.
Built only on level sites. Expensive fill and excavation costs Can be built on sloping sites, saving thousands of dollars on gravel and excavation costs.
Very high costs for both day and nighttime lighting Bright interior eliminates daytime lighting & cuts nighttime lighting costs by 50%
Cannot be relocated. Must be dismantled and disposed of in a landfill Easy to relocate. Buildings can be taken down and moved within a few days.
Many support beams and posts. Limited usable space. Maximum usable space. No interior supports or obstructions.
Costly and time consuming to expand. Easy and low cost to expand.
Require painting every 3 – 5 years to maintain appearance. Very low maintenance. No painting or shingling needed. Rain keeps building looking like new.
Rodent infestations are common. Termites and other insect damage cause very high maintenance costs. Virtually no damage from insects or rodents and no place for them to hide & nest.
Noisy, lots of echoes. Scares people and animals. Sound-absorbing covers make riding or working in these buildings a delight.
Dark and gloomy building creates an environment that bacteria and mold thrive in, causing health problems for people and animals. Natural light keeps environment dry and free of bacteria and mold providing a healthier environment.
Poor air quality. Buildings maintain odor from mold and mildew. Excellent air quality.
Fans are required, adding to high energy costs Easy to ventilate.
Buildings are hot in Summer, cold in Winter.  High energy costs Buildings stay 15° -20° cooler during Summer months and 15° -20° warmer during Winter months
Most materials used in construction cannot be recycled. Covers are recyclable. Helps save money.